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About Us

Lawn and Driveway Service, Inc. is located in West Central Minnesota and is a supplier of Construction Materials, which includes items for Erosion Control, Turf establishment, Concrete paving products, Steel Culverts, Wood Mulch (shredded and chips) and Geotextile Products. We are currently doing private work in the Stevens County area.

Lawn and Driveway Service, Inc. is a DBE/WBE Certified Business with the Minnesota Department of Transportation, South Dakota Department of Transportation, North Dakota Deparatment of Transportation, Metropolitan Airports Commission, and Metropolitan Council. We are also listed as a Targeted Group Business owner and in the Minnesota Small Business Procurement Program.

Lawn and Driveway Service, Inc. is a member of the Minnesota Erosion Control Association, the International Erosion Control Association, the Minnesota Utility Contractors and the Minnesota Seeding Contractors Association.